USA WAterski (NSSA Ski Broncs)

2017 NSSA Division I National Show Ski Tournament Friday, August 11- Sunday, August 13, 2017
Tournament Host: Ski Broncs  Tournament Site: Shorewood Park 235 Evelyn Ave Loves Park IL  61111 Host City:  Loves Park IL LOC Contact(s):  Steve Kling   Nearest Airport(s): O’Hare (ORD)/Chicago 
 Entries are limited to 14 teams, which will be selected and notified by August 3, 2017.  The teams will be selected using the following formula provided all entry requirements are met: 1. The Division I National Show Ski defending champion from the previous season provided they have entered by the July 15 deadline. 2. Two (2) teams from each Region as chosen by that Region.  Exception: the Region that the defending champion comes from will only get one spot in the first rotation. 3. If the 14 spots are not filled by the regions, they will be filled in the following fashion: a. One club from the Wisconsin Region, before regular rotation begins b. Then one club from each of the following Regions, Wisconsin, Central, Midwest, Southern, Eastern, South Central and Western. c. This rotation will continue until the 14 spots are filled. 4. SEEDING:  The previous year’s Division I Champion will get the first choice slot.  Slots 2-14 (1 ski’s last, 14 ski’s first) will be seeded in the following order as chosen by their Region:  Wisconsin, Central, Midwest, Southern, Eastern, South Central and Western.  Seeding will be based on finish/placement at the respective Regional qualifying tournaments and continue round-robin. 5. FILLING OF SPOTS FOR LATE WITHDRAWALS:  Should an opening occur in competition due to the late withdrawal (after running orders are published) of a Qualified/Seeded Competitor the National Tournament(s) Chairperson will contact the first eligible entrant from the same Region who was not seeded through the normal process and offer the opportunity to compete.  If the opportunity is declined, the National Tournament(s) Chairperson will repeat this process within the Region until all eligible entrants are exhausted.  Should the opening still exist, the chairperson will then revert to the original Regional Rotation procedure contacting the first eligible entrant from each Region until the opening is filled. 6. ENTRY FEES: Entry fee is $500 due with your Entry form and made payable to Ski Broncs.  Once the tournament field has been set and 14 teams selected, any Team canceling will forfeit their entry fees.  a. All entries must be sent via US Mail on or before July 15 of the current year. b. See Section 5 of the NSSA Policies and Procedures for more entry and withdrawal information. 7. REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS: According to NSSA rule 6.04 all seeded teams must include all forms  #’s 1 - 8 on the attached CHECKLIST to be sent via US Priority Mail on or before August 4, 2017 to the NSSA Tournament Chair (address on checklist).   8. Each team may request which day & slot it prefers to ski.  However, no requests are guaranteed.    8 teams are to be scheduled on Saturday and 6 teams on Sunday. 9. The NSSA Rule book and the NSSA Policies & Procedures are available online at  under

(2017 Division 1 Show Ski Nationals)