Illinois Gold Fastpitch 2017 NAFA College Exposure

2018 NAFA Team Registration

Teams will need to be registered to participate in NAFA Sanctioned events.  There are 2 steps that will need to be completed.

1) Complete the online registration (Online NAFA Team Registration) or mail the PDF registration form.

2) Send $30 NAFA Membership fee 

Make check payable to: NAFA SoftballSend to: 
NAFA Softball
Attn: Jim Rathe State Director
900 S Rawson Bridge Rd
Cary, IL 600132018 NAFA Team Registration Form

NAFA Team Roster

The Official NAFA team roster can be found below.  This roster is to be turned into the respective NAFA Tournament Director prior to games being played.  

Tournament directors may additionally ask to see certificate of insurance, and copies of birth certificates or drivers license of players to confirm age eligibility.

Players may only be listed on one roster for said tournament.  Additional players may not be added to an official roster once the tournament begins unless an injury exception has been granted by either the Tournament Director or State Director.

Official NAFA Team Roster

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