Mercy Health Systems

Mercy Health Systems
2400 N. Rockton Ave Rockford, IL
For over 125 years, Mercy has touched the lives of millions of individuals throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. We have healed bodies, mended families and saved lives.

Mercy partners give of themselves to serve our patients and communities. Our innovative services and committed professionals, and our dedication to community outreach and to meeting the needs of the underserved, have led to Mercy’s incredible transformation over the last 25 years from a stand-alone hospital to a vertically integrated health system with 70 facilities serving 26 communities throughout southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

When I joined what was then Mercy Hospital as CEO in 1989, Mercy had 89,000 patient visits a year and employed 589 individuals, none of whom were W2 employed partner physicians. Mercy’s gross revenues were $33 million. Mercy now sees over 1,200,000 patients annually, and employs approximately 4,000 partners, nearly 400 of whom are W2 partner physicians, and gross revenues now exceed $1.3 billion. Mercy has become the largest employer in Rock County, and has created an additional 1,200 jobs in our Wisconsin and Illinois service area, beyond the almost 3,300 new jobs at Mercy.

This growth can be contributed to Mercy’s transformation into a vertically integrated health care delivery system organized to provide a continuum of care to our communities. Today, Mercy operates three hospitals; Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center in Janesville, Wisconsin (a level 2 trauma center); Mercy Walworth Hospital and Medical Center in Lake Geneva, WI; and Mercy Harvard Hospital in Harvard, Illinois. Our hospital locations reflect only one part of the integrated delivery system. Mercy provides services that span four core service areas, including hospital-based services, clinic-based services, post-acute care and retail services, and insurance products. These four core service areas make up our comprehensive, vertically integrated delivery system, and integrated delivery is what makes Mercy unique in serving the full range of health care needs of our patients.

Every day, we work hard to do whatever it takes to continuously improve the care our patients receive. We are committed to always provide better care for you and your family.

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